Medical Marijuana Testimonials

Testimonials from Medical Marijuana Patients who feel stores like ours are a necessity by providing them with clean, healthy options to injest their medecine, Click the link to read more!


No matter the nature of your medical condition, there is a plethora of products and services at Bongs And Such to support your medicinal cannabis use. Whether you have MMAR card from Health Canada or not, or are interested in applying for one, the caring, compassionate staff will help you meet your needs, even if you’re not quite sure what those needs are and if on the very rare occasion there’s information not available at hand, Bongs And Such will help you track it down. 

Any and all manner of papers, vaporizers, pipes and bongs are available—however you choose to consume your medicine, the smiling staff is there to provide exceptional service, information and support. Need a tutorial on how the various vaporizers work? Bongs And Such staff will take the time to do that. Have a missing or broken part? They have that too. Learning how to grow, or do some canna-cooking, or even how to use your medicine most efficiently? With such a wide variety of the most popular and informative magazines, books and videos, I need never go too long with a question unanswered. 

Chronic illness can take a toll on your finances, as well as your body, so the discount I receive at the store because of my medicinal need is literally a lifesaver. No one should ever have to choose between purchasing their medicine and the tools with which to consume it and with Bongs And Such in three locations conveniently spread around the Calgary and on the Internet, I don’t have to. They even have info on cannabis-related social events throughout the year, so my spirit is kept as healthy as the rest of me.

Interested in becoming more proactive in the fight to end cannabis prohibition? B&S will direct you to the appropriate publications, organizations and initiatives to help you do just that and you can rest assured that your friendly neighborhood Bongs And Such will be fighting the good fight right by your side.

As an author, writer and editor in the cannabis industry for more than a decade, I know of the resources available around the world to medicinal cannabis consumers and I’m confident that you don’t need to live in Vancouver, Toronto or L.A. to have all of your needs met and to lead a healthy, productive life. Calgarians and those on the Internet alike are very lucky to have Bongs And Such there to support us with a smile and more.

Lisa “Mamakind” Kirkman
Author, writer, editor & activist
MMAR license holder