PAX 2.0 by Ploom


The makers of PAX revolutionised the portable vaporizer industry with the release of the original PAX, history is set to repeat itself with the new PAX 2.0. With a long list of improvements and upgrades featuring but not limited to: 30% better battery charge, smaller lighter design, larger oven trough, and last but not least the new and improved mouthpiece system. Eliminating the sliding and moving parts from the first model of the unit the new PAX 2.0 replaces this with a flat silicone plate which consists of a small slit to act as a mouthpiece. It also comes with an extra silicone plate which has a raised lip piece, mirroring the style of the original design while still keeping the benefits of the silicone plate. 

It also features a Ten Year Warranty through the manufacturers, Ploom, which is one of the longer warranties avaliable in the vaporizer world. The unit is also PACKED with hidden features, most you will have to find out on your own unfortunately. 

In Store Purchase Only

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