Magic Flight Muad Dib


The Muad Dib (Pronounced maw-deeb) is the concentrate only version of the Magic Flight vaporizer. It uses the same base build of the Magic Flight, however it has a few key differences that sets it apart. Instead of the mesh screen in the filling chamber, they ahve replaced this with two metal rods and a tray that sits in between drawing heat from the two rods. It comes with a Titanium mesh screen for liquid concentrates (oils and waxes). While it does run on the old system of batteries they have been greatly improved claiming a whopping 50 uses before recharging is needed (Source: Magic Flight Website) It also comes standard with a silicone draw whip with brass tips, as opposed to the all glass stem that comes with the original due to the higher temperatures that concentrates vaporize at. Also featuring the Magic Flight Lifetime Warranty (excluding batteries) for peace of mind and extended life.

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