Essential Eclipse Vape H20


The Essential Vape Portable Vaporizer system is one of the most durable vapes around. Usually used for Concentrates and essential oils, this powerhouse can also Vaporize any oils on unrefined plant matter as well, which means you can sprinkle your favourite herbs in as well and vaporize in the same machine!

This particular model comes equipped with all of the attachments for any water pipe. This includes a 14 and 18 Guage glass on glass attachment, as well as the traditional 9mm and 12mm rubber slider style stems as well.

The vial system works wonders in keeping certain materials seperate from one another, and allows for easy switching between materials, just by simply swapping vials. It also helps to keep things clean, as the only residues you are left with are usually solely in the vials not the unit itself. This can easily be cleanes with a bit of ISO and a cue tip, or just by replacing the vials.

The Essential Vape does not require the use of a torch lighter, just a normal BIC or Mini Bic will suffice, this usually eliminates most chances of injury by burning. This is a solid unit, with no mechanical or moving parts, therefore less chance of anyhting breaking or failing. It does however, come with a Lifetime Warranty through the manufacturer just in case something does happen. 

The estimated extraction rate of this Vaporizer sits in between 50% and 80%. Which is quite amazing for a reasonble priced unit. Colours may vary. 


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