Jimmy's Joker


Named after a famed run at Whistler Blackcomb, The Jimmys Joker hails its name from a surveyor/logger named Jim who got lost on the mountain, instead of continuing on his original route, he carved a path in the trees all the way down the mountain, this path then became the famed Jimmys Joker Run! The recycler in this rig works as fast as Jimmy the logger did cutting those trees down and ensures zero splashback and maximum taste. It also features a massive showerhead percolator on the bottom level, triple maria accents on the neck giving it its whopping 11" tall stature, and last but not least the Peak2Peak mouthpiece is featured here as well, ensuring the most comfortable smoke around.

Jimmy's Joker is available only in Clear and will not be available online. Please contact staff for details. 

In Store Purchase Only

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