IceMaster 5.0 Black 45cm 18.8 Straight Tube


ROOR's reputation has been steadily increasing since they started over 15 years ago. They pride themselves on top of the range glasswork with a 100% Borosilicate blend of glass. These are some of the strongest glass bongs around and have proven it time and time again.

ROOR was the first company to introduce standardized down stems for water pipes, and continue to excel in quality throughout their range today.

This model in particular comes fully loaded with a 18.8 gauge downstem and a large RooR bowl (Including a RooR glass screen for FREE). It has been made with the straight tube design, which is the most tried and true style, It features a wide circular base which keeps its centre of balance quite well. It also features a three way ice pinch about a third of the way form the bottom which, if ice cubes are placed in there, will cool your smoke down as it winds its way past the ice, equalling a much smoother smoke, while still retaining all the flavour. It also stands at an impressive 45cm tall, sure to impress even the most seasoned collectors. A black sheen to the glass will also add to the overall look of the piece.

Please be aware we will no longer be selling RooR through the website. Apologies, however please come into the stores and peruse our selection as we have added many more pieces to the RooR range that are not viewable online. 

In Store Purchase Only

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