ROOR 15th Anniversary Bong


This is it! The culmination of 15 years of near perfection glass work. Each of these one of a kind pieces is individually serial numbered. This is your chance to own a part of history. The geniuses at RooR designed 420 of these for Canada. (420 for US, and 420 for Europe as well) They are individually hand signed by the artist, each piece has a different sign blown onto the glass. They stand at an impressive 420mm high and is sure to be the envy of any collector that views it.

It signifies 15 years of Pure Smoke Kulture, and is a testament to the close relationship between European and North American Glass artists. It features a faceted mouthpiece as well as a one of a kind faceted Onyx bowl. It also features a 3 way Ice Pinch in the middle to cool any smoke down and equal an even smoother result.

Also, the feather on the cap, if you will, is a multiple hole diffusion stem which creates some the smallest bubble around, which in turn equals one of the smoothest smokes you will ever experience.

This is the definitive RooR piece, and is an oppurtunity to show your dedication to the glassmakers that not only started the standardized pipe market, but perfected it as well.

Please be aware we will no longer be selling RooR through the website. Apologies, however please come into the stores and peruse our selection as we have added many more pieces to the RooR range that are not viewable online. 

In Store Purchase Only

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