Local Glass - Era Glassworks - Rigs


Here at Bongs and Such we are extremely proud to introduce a new range of glass from local artist Era Glassworks. Era Glassworks focusses on a multitude of different styles and designs, featuring some wicked mini rig beakers with some gorgeous colours, amazing opal containing pendants as well as but not limited too, a range of heady corkscrew dabbers! Definitely something for everyone!

This stunning beast is a rather unique piece in the Era range as it features two absolutely gorgeous marbles attached to the back of the piece itself, it also features deep blue colouring on the mouthpiece, base, and ground glass join, and also features a female ground glass join. The marbles are by far the main attraction though! The top marble features a soft orange spike magnified by the borosilicate surrounding it, and the bottom marble features a gorgeous deep blue flower pattern which catches your eye immediately! 

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