JBD BakerBot Robots Need Oil


The BakerBot range from the legendary jerome Baker Designs are rigs for the true glass connoisseur! Handblown by the Bob Snodgrass trained JBD artists, these things are the real deal! The BakerBot range features a futuristic-retro artwork packaging which also doubles as a lasercut foam packing case for your piece. They come with a certificate of authenticity from JBD and come in four unique designs each with individual artwork. They all feature a 10mm ground glass male joint and a quartz domeless nail, which allows for maximum flavour per hit!

This third BakerBots mission is to end Oil rationing on Earth, saving  the planet from an Oil Crisis! The only piece from the BakerBot range featuring a recycler effect. This recycler allows any splashback water to funnel down back into the base greatly reducing the chance of splashback reaching your lips. It also features an inline diffuser perc to break the bubbles up, creating a much smoother smoke on your chest. Along with all these features, this little guy is the only design out of the BakerBots to feature 3D Eyes, instead of being just artwork printed on the glass, this guy has several layers of glass added on to make the eyes stand out from the rest of the piece, adding an extra level of uniqueness. 

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