Volcano Portable - Crafty


Inroducing, with great pleasure, the first of the handheld Volcano range from Storz and Bickel. Storz and Bickel are one of the top leading German engineering firms when it comes to vaporizers. They are the original creators of the now world famous Volcano Vaporizer. These handheld versions look to produce the same quality of vapor without having the need for an electrical plug in. The Crafty features a single Lithium Ion Battery, and 2 set temperatures (out of the box) It is also the worlds first portable vaporizer that can be controlled via smartphones through the use of a Bluetooth app available through the Apple Istore. Using the application it is possible to control the Crafty through its entire range of temperature (104F to 410F) and allows you to set the standard and boosted temperatures to your personal preference.

This little beast has the ability to do both dry herbs as well as liquid concentrates and comes with the attachment for both. Without the use of the app it is set to a constant 356F but can be boosted with a double press of the button to 383F. Using a combination of convection and conduction heating this little vape guarantees the maximum flavour and potency of your herbs with no harmful byproducts such as tar and carcinogens.

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