Volcano Portable - Mighty


Inroducing, with great pleasure, the first of the handheld Volcano range from Storz and Bickel. Storz and Bickel are one of the top leading German engineering firms when it comes to vaporizers. They are the original creators of the now world famous Volcano Vaporizer. These handheld versions look to produce the same quality of vapor without having the need for an electrical plug in.

The Mighty is the larger of the two models available and features two Lithium Ion batteries which allows for much faster heating times and longer battery life, however it can still be used from a power outlet and bypass the batteries completely. It is complemented by a LCD screen and the plus and minus buttons to set your own temperatures based on personal preference. This beast has the ability to do both dry herbs and liquid concentrates and comes with attachments to use both straight out of the box. It also features one of the fastest heat times on the market clocking in at around 90 seconds!!


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