Herbal Aire


Meet the Herbal Aire, a very cost effective alternative to the powerhoue that is the Volcano. This little baby gets exactly ( if not one more percent) extraction rates than its main competitor, at about $300 less. It is made from Scientific materials, which are designed specifically to withstand physical accidents as well as retain heat, so the outside tends to stay fairly cool. 

The HerbalAire, uses a unique air jet design featuring 18 seperate air jet holes, allowing for the most even and unimpaired heating available in Vaporizers today. It is the only Vape that doesnt require your plant material to be ground up before heating, it will heat dry flower chunks just as well, thanks to its amazing design. The company offers a guarantee that you can use spent herbs in the HerbalAire and receive at least another bag full of vapor from your spent material! Impressive!

It has three different ways that it can be used, these include a direct draw inhalation (either from the straw or the long distance whip), a bag system with removable air pump, and a air forced whip inhalation technique as well. It caters for almost every type of consumer. There are also multiple bag filling pieces and a high output pump that are sold seperately, so you can customize it to the experience you want.

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