Elite Glass Quadruple Kettle Bubbler


This range of Kettle bubblers come in a range of different versions depending on how many levels of water percolation you need. They are all hand blown in Dover, New Hampshire and feature German made Lenz Dewar 19mm Glass Joints, matching 19mm glass domes, seven hole diffusers, Simax glass throughout the rest of the piece and last but not least, they are a hollowfoot base allowing for maximum water capacity! 

This absolute monster is one of the most intricate ieces in the Elite Glass range. It features the seven hole diffuser stem as do the others, however what sets this piece apart is the amount of sidecar bubblers attached to the outside. Three! Count them! They are attached around the outside of the main body so that the smoke flows through the main body then wraps around the piece as it bubbles through the diffused downstems of the sidecars.  

Unfortunately these will only be available online. Please see staff for more details. 

In Store Purchase Only

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