Elite Glass

We at Bongs and Such are extremely proud to stock our first complete line of American custom glass. Elite Glass has been making glass pipes and bongs since 2009 but the founder Rob has been glassworking for over 17 years and brings every ounce of experience that he has acquired to his first glassblowing company. Rob, the founder, has worked at such prestigious studios as Corning Glass, Pittsburgh Glass School, The Museum School, Tufts, and The Center Studio Vetro in Venice, Italy to name a few. Elite Glass aesthetics focus more on the natural reflective and refractive qualities of borosilicate glass as opposed to the bright colours that tend to permeate some other pieces. This allows the artist to use the natural appeal of the glass a lot more and produces some of the cleanest lines and designs seen. The glass also produces a somewhat magnifying effect which can be seen in some of the smaller rigs especially. Elite Glass features several ranges of pieces including concentrate rigs, dry herb bubblers, straight tube bongs, and several different models of ashcatchers. Most of these pieces will feature some sort of percolater including the straight tubes, which has a uniquely designed showerhead percolater. These help to break up the size of the smoke bubbles inside, thus reducing the temperature and how harsh the smoke is on the back of your throat and lungs. They exclusively use Lenz ground glass, which is a German company and have been producing ground glass and laboratory grade glass for over 80 years!! They use superior techniques to ensure a heat tolerant, airtight, non-stick and enjoyable experience every single time. See staff in store for prices and more details. Apologies, but these pieces will only be sold in store. Not online.