Aqua Pipe


Welcome to the world of Acryllic Bongs! Acryllic bongs have carved a niche out of the smoking market for themselves over time. Offering basic smoking functionality with extended lifespans, they are a definite crowd pleaser. They range from your very basic and standard bubbler design, through the more way out there designs like the Alien and Skull heads, and continuing on all the way through 4 to 6 foot water pipes, and the ever feared Gas Mask!

Most Acryllic bongs will come with a metal downstem and a metal bowl attached. They feature a rubber O-ring and grommet to keep it air tight. The acryllics are a favored bong with the beginner crowd as they are much more affordable to begin with than glass. However even experienced glassware connosieurs prefer an acryllic from time to time, due to the toughness of the acryllic, it is much less likely to get broken. 

There are several things to consider when purchasing an acryllic bong, these include but are not limited to: thickness of mouthpiece, water capacity, if it has an ice catcher, and the actual shape design and colour of your piece. 

The Aqua Pipe is one of the smallest, discreet and most portable pieces we sell at Bongs and Such. It stands at a tiny four inches tall and features a removeable bowl on top for filling with water, and a fold out stem from the body that ensures that water will not spill easily when its in your pocket or bag. Colours chosen at random. 

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